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We Are focused on enlightening the public on the amazing plight of the honey bee. We take great pride from learning from nature. We harvest the sweetest honey and freshest pollen seasonally.

Any opinions expressed on this web site are those of The Humble Bee Honey Company and may not reflect the opinions / beliefs of the many associations that I am proud to be a member of. We encourage you to visit the association web sites and develop your own educated opinion.

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Our honey is never cooked, heated or processed in any way. It is collected and strained, then bottled. Our honey is sent to Texas A&M University and tested for plant and floral source. We are proud members of The Backyard Bee Keepers Association Eastern Apicultural Society, American Beekeeping Federation and Proud members of The Connecticut Farm Bureau. We proudly support The Future Farmers of America! Catherine Wolko and The Humble Bee Honey Company is a North American Beekeeper Participant of The True Source Honey program

We use multiple integrative pest management techniques in a safe and responsible manner to continuously reduce the damaging detrimental effects of Varroa Destructor . Our hives are inspected routinely by the Connecticut State Bee Inspector and our hives registered with the state of Connecticut as per Connecticut state law. The Humble Bee Honey Company has farm status . The Humble Bee Honey Company is a Connecticut Farm and always participates in Connecticut Ag. Day! Look for us on March 22nd at The State Building in Hartford!

We strongly support the pure food act. 48% of honey consumed in the United States comes from Bee Keepers in The United States. 52% from other countries such as India and China. Support Local Bee Keepers! Buy local stay local! You know your honey is pure by knowing your local beekeeper.

Our lotions and creams as well as lip and hand balms are made with the finest ingredients and created in our kitchen. Our skin care products are all made in small batches to ensure the highest quality products. If you like us tell us! If you love us tell everyone!

Thank you for visiting!