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Interesting Honey Bee facts!
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  • Honey bees are cold blooded.  They have the ability to generate heat by vibrating their bodies.  A bee in flight will typically have the body temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit however if caught in the rain their body temperature can drop dramatically and the bee can loose its ability to move.  The honey bee hive is typically around 98  degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Honey Bees are not native to the Americas.  They were brought over by the Europeans.  Native Americans called them the White Mans Fly.
  • Honey bees can fly up to 15 miles per hour.
  • Honey bees are the only insect that can produce food that humans can consume.
  • Honeybees are responsible for pollinating approx 80% of all fruit, vegetable and seed crops in the U.S.
  • Honeybees have five eyes, 3 small ones on top of the head and two big ones in front.  They also have hair on their eyes!
  • Honeybees never sleep!
  • Honey bees' wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.
  • The queen may lay 600-800 or even 1,500 eggs each day during her 3 or 4 year lifetime. This daily egg production may equal her own weight. She is constantly fed and groomed by attendant worker bees.
  • Bees communicate with each other by dancing and by using pheromones (scents).
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